Dylator - Tropicamide + Phenylephrine + Lidocaine



About This Item

  • Faster, conveninent & safer way to achive instant mydriasis
  • Effective combination of 2 mydiatrics – Tropicamide & Phenylephirine – and a topical anesthetic Lidocaine
  • Preservative free solution, for intracameral injection
  • Instant dilation of pupil ( less than 30 seconds for most patients )
  • Long lasting dilation that subtains through time needed fo standard ophthalmic procedures
  • Avoid cumbersome dilation through the traditional process of multiple instillation of eye drops
  • Sterile, ready to use, prefilled syringe packing
  • Amber coloured syringe, in a dark blister, maintains solution efficacy over long shelf life
  • Effective answer to overcome unexpected pupil contraction during surgical procedure

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