our values

At Ophtechnics, we are motivated about delivering products that offer exceptional Value for Money. We are focused on giving you more, for every Dollar you spend with us.

We are obssessed about Product Quality. Our Quality Team is continually focused on compliance with all domestic & international regulations & standards. ISO 13485, CE Marking, GMP certification are evidence of our commitment to highest standards of Quality.

We take pride in our high abilities of Product Development. Our promise to our business partners of developing & launching new products every year, has been kept for 18 years now. Our partners are secured in their ability to capture more share of their existing user base.

We wear our honesty & integrity badges with pride. We belive in long lasting business relationships & stand steadfast by our commitments to our business partners. We believe that like marriages, business associations are also for keeps.

With our products we offer

  • Highest quality inputs – raw material, components, packaging etc
  • Quality Certification – ISO 13585, CE Marking
  • Internationally compliant labeling – UDI, Bar Coding
  • Regulatory Documentation – Product Dossier, STED, FSC etc


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