Oxycoat-Sodium Hyaluronate with Chondroitin Sulfate

About This Item

  • Designed to protection ocular tissues.
  • Ideal for Soft Shell Technique use in conjunction with a cohesive OVD
  • Improved protection to Corneal Endothelium
  • Prolonged retention in the eye during high flow phacoemulsification
  • Useful for partitioning intraocular spaces into viscoelastic protected areas
  • Premium quality, injectable grade raw material that complies to European Pharmacopeia
  • Medium Zero-Shear Viscosity (60000-90000 m.pas at 25°C)
  • Medium Molecular Weight (> 1.5 Million Daltons)Optically clear, dispersive fluid
  • Sterile, pyrogen free, non-inflammatory, double filtered
  • Synthetic fermentation – no risk of viral infections
  • Store at ambient temperature-no need to refrigerate

For ease of instillation the product is supplied

  • In a easy peel, heat sealed blister pack
  • With a EO Sterile packed, 27G Angular Cannula
  • Copious 1ml volume to meet all surgical needs

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