Sterixx – Why Plastic Sterilization Trays are a better alternative?

Ever looked at Plastic Sterilization Trays/Containers and wondered if they are good enough for your sterilization needs? Well, we would like to assure you they are. In fact high performance Plastic Sterilization Containers score over traditional metal trays on multiple counts.

First let’s understand what the STERIXX – Plastic Sterilization Tray actually is.

Sterixx trays are manufactured from specialty, high-performance, plastic polymers that are designed to withstand very high temperatures. These polymers are also used in exacting applications like spacecrafts, defence weapons & sophisticated automobiles. So, while the box looks like your regular plastic box, we assure you it is not.

The nature of these high performance polymers allow them to withstand exposure to high temperature, chemicales, gases & irradiation. The high impact material protects the tray from physical damage and  provides optimal structural integrity.

The trays last a higher number of sterilization cycles – even when exposed to high heat. Moreover, the same tray can be used for multiple sterilization methods including Moist Heat (Steam Autoclaving), Dry Heat, Ethylene Oxide (EO), Chemical and Gamma sterilization. Isn’t that amazing ?

The superior design of Sterixx Trays guarantees proper reach & distribution of the sterilizing agent used. Rubber Silicone Pin Mats & Holders allow for maximum space utilization and help in poper holding & storage of the instruments during & after sterilization. The amber colored transluscent lid facilitates easy viewing of the instruments, without the need to open the tray.

Sterilization Tray Features
» Convenient, light weight, attractive design
» Body made of special thermo resistant plastic polymer
» Guaranteed product strength
» Suitable for all the standard means of sterilization-Steam, Dry Heat, EO, Chemical
» Amber colored lid for easy view of instruments
» Highly functional, stackable design
» Silicon mats and holders to hold instruments of varied sizes

So, why are Sterixx – Plastic Sterilization Trays better than their metal counterparts?

Here is a partial list of reasons for you to consider:

  • Lightweight – Plastic Trays reduce the sterilization dead load of metal and makes the sterilization process more efficient
  • Versatile –  Same tray can be used for Moist Heat (Steam Autoclaving), Dry Heat, Ethylene Oxide (EO), Chemical and Gamma sterilization
  • No Rusting –  No rust or deposits on hinges, corners or locks
  • Stackable –  Easily stackable one on top of the other
  • Great Looks –  Sterixx Trays look great and are a pleasure to use

Sterixx trays are designed after garnering invaluable feedback from our customers. User feedback is being used to continually upgrade and improve the product. Based on our ability to innovate we are targeting to be the premier plastic sterilization tray manufacturer and exporter, in this part of the world.

If you need any further information on the trays, please drop in your query. Our Product Team will be very happy to assist you.

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